Basic Chunky Cowl

My mom’s friend gave her a bunch of yarn to send me. I mean a bunch. I was overwhelmed by it all. For a little more than a week now I’ve had it sitting in a corner of my living room. I left it there on purpose so it would get used right away. Everyday it seems to be staring at me from their little corner and begging me to do something with it. OK maybe not quite that dramatic but I’m sure you yarnies (is that a word? I’m making it one. Starting now.) know what I mean. One of my favorite things to do nowadays is yarn shopping. I don’t have to have a specific project if I like the yarn and its a decent price. That’s how my yarn stash has gotten out of control. But it’s different when yarn is given to me. I want to use it right away so I can show the giver how much I appreciate it and her gift wasn’t given in vain. My problem has been finding that perfect project for each skein. I want my mom’s friend to be proud of what I create. I especially want my Mom to be proud and say “see, I told you she’d be great.” Pretty sure Mom would say that anyway but at least it would be more honest if I did make something cool.
One of my favorite skeins was from Loops and Threads Charisma in the color Grass. It’s distributed by Michael’s Stores. We don’t have one near us so I’d never used this bulky yarn. It was so incredibly soft and squishy but really light and airy. I decided to make a basic chunky cowl from Hopeful Honey. It really was basic too. It’s only half double crochet. I actually made it to sell but when I put it on to show Ternie he really liked the color on me so I’ll be keeping this one for myself. Have you ever made something to sell then decided you liked it too much?


6 thoughts on “Basic Chunky Cowl

  1. Clifton Lollar says:

    You are not only talented with the yarn but also a very, very good writer with such an up beat, positive and sweet disposition!!! I bet both of your parents and grandparents are so proud! Your #1 fan!


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