Show and Tell Saturdays

It’s been awhile since I made a post; however, I’ve still been as busy as a little worker bee crocheting away. I decided to keep myself accountable with regular updates on current works in progress and completed projects. Saturdays will now be my regular posting days. I’m calling it Show and Tell Saturdays.
I received another big box of yarn from my mom and the ideas are overwhelming my brain. Thanks again to Hope for the yarn.
Since I had been out of cotton yarn these were the first skeins I reached for since I know my cotton will always at least be a bag. This is a yellow market bag I got from Crafting with Claudie.

Unless you know me personally no one in the blogging world knows about my son, Burger. He has cerebral palsy. He’ll be 12 in a little over a month. I tell you this because I had planned on making him an afghan for his birthday. He LOVES his blankets and unfortunately he’s outgrown his favorite blanket: a flannel Spiderman blanket I made a couple years ago. As it turns out Burger is having what we consider to be a pretty major surgery next week and I really wanted him to have a blanket since we’ll be in the hospital for a few days after. I’ve been working as fast as my time allows and I’m really liking the way it is turning out. I’m following this video for a Chevron ripple blanket. It has soft ripples which remind me of gentle waves.

The colors have special meaning to me. They were mine and Ternie’s wedding colors (not the gray actually but I needed a separator for the colors). It seems like an odd match of colors but its quirkiness works (kinda like me and Ternie). In fact, we have liked the way the afghan is turning out so much I decided I will be making a matching set for me and Ternie and even little Turtle. The afghan is nowhere near close to being done but it is working up fast. Hopefully I’ll have it done by surgery time on Friday.

The last project I’ve been working on this week was while traveling to pre-surgery appointments. It’s a plastic bag holder. Really fast project and, at least around our home, super useful. I will definitely will be making a few more for our home and I think they would make great gifts as well.

Headed to the Fair

For the past few years in July our family has been attending our local county fair. We always have a lot of fun and one of my favorite parts is visiting the Family Arts Building and seeing all the neat crafts (crochet) people have placed in the show. Every year I say I want to do that. This year I did. I submitted 5 items: Thomas the Train, my Mother’s Day flower bracelet, mint market bag, a green and white Christmas stocking ornament, and a pink and ivory baby hat with a barrette bow.

I have no idea what the judging criteria is because, honestly, I didn’t really care about that part. I just thought I enjoy seeing what others made and maybe my stuff would be different enough that others might enjoy what I made. It was a big confidence booster I wasn’t really expecting. All five items received a blue ribbon and the bracelet and stocking for some reason also have stars on them. It was a neat experience that I will plan on doing again next year.

In case you were wondering, the grand champion made an adult sized mermaid tail blanket which, of course, is all the rage right now, afghan-wise anyway. I was actually pleased to see it because I had considered making those for my nieces for Christmas. Definitely a lot of work so I’m still thinking on that.

Has anyone else ever entered their projects into a competition? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

I know funny. I’m a Clownfish!

Back in the olden days of 2003-2004 I think it is safe to say I was slightly obsessed with Finding Nemo. I’m not really sure why looking back on it but I did enjoy all things Nemo. I had a poster over my bed, a Nemo blanket (which Turtle and Burger still use), and I had a bright blue Volkswagen Beetle which I named Dory. Eventually, I slightly matured and Nemo faded although I still enjoy the movie. I haven’t seen Finding Dory but Nemo has found his way to the crochet world. When I saw a children’s hat pattern on Pinterest I knew I had to make it.
If and when I make Nemo again the only change I would make is the black and white stripes. Instead of making them as 2 pieces and then sewing them on, I would just change colors a few times and make them as stripes in the hat. Other than that, he’s definitely not perfect but still pretty cute. I used I Love This Yarn in Sport Weight colors orange, ivory, and black which made the hat about a size smaller than I wanted but that’s OK. Also, for some reason I don’t care for hats that have the long braids attached to the ear flaps so I left those off. There also is a Dory pattern which I’ll also be making. Has anyone else made any of these character type hats?

Side note: Whoever said crochet isn’t dangerous (I just imagine someone saying that) obviously hasn’t crocheted. My scissors got stuck in my leg while trying to sew all these pieces on. Thankfully it didn’t go in too far but it still hurt.

Basic Chunky Cowl

My mom’s friend gave her a bunch of yarn to send me. I mean a bunch. I was overwhelmed by it all. For a little more than a week now I’ve had it sitting in a corner of my living room. I left it there on purpose so it would get used right away. Everyday it seems to be staring at me from their little corner and begging me to do something with it. OK maybe not quite that dramatic but I’m sure you yarnies (is that a word? I’m making it one. Starting now.) know what I mean. One of my favorite things to do nowadays is yarn shopping. I don’t have to have a specific project if I like the yarn and its a decent price. That’s how my yarn stash has gotten out of control. But it’s different when yarn is given to me. I want to use it right away so I can show the giver how much I appreciate it and her gift wasn’t given in vain. My problem has been finding that perfect project for each skein. I want my mom’s friend to be proud of what I create. I especially want my Mom to be proud and say “see, I told you she’d be great.” Pretty sure Mom would say that anyway but at least it would be more honest if I did make something cool.
One of my favorite skeins was from Loops and Threads Charisma in the color Grass. It’s distributed by Michael’s Stores. We don’t have one near us so I’d never used this bulky yarn. It was so incredibly soft and squishy but really light and airy. I decided to make a basic chunky cowl from Hopeful Honey. It really was basic too. It’s only half double crochet. I actually made it to sell but when I put it on to show Ternie he really liked the color on me so I’ll be keeping this one for myself. Have you ever made something to sell then decided you liked it too much?

Dollar Tree Treasure

Super excited to find yarn at our local Dollar Tree today. I’ve never seen that before. It was name brand too. They had Red Heart Boutique Sashay, Bernat Boa, Bernat Dippity Dots, Bernat Giggles and Patons Canadiana. I’ve never heard of the Patons but it’s a very soft yarn. I did go to the website on the yarn insert and it immediately directed me to which, of course, is Bernats website so I feel very comfortable using this yarn based on Bernats reputation and having previously used lots of Bernat. Either way, who could pass up yarn for $1? Not this girl. I also called my mother-in-law and she couldn’t either. I got her 7 skeins in the Bernat Giggles. Here was the store display.

Here is what I loaded up on

I bought 6 skeins of the Patons. It’s a very pretty lavender-ish color called Med Amethyst. I also bought 3 skeins of the Bernat Giggles. The photo looks like it’s blue but it’s actually another purple called Periwinkle Purple.

So as if my dollar treasure wasn’t enough I talked myself into a potential client. The cashier mentioned she had been wanting to have a blanket made for her daughter with her name on it. I asked if she wanted it crocheted. She said yes. I asked if she wanted it in purple and she did. I said I can make it. She said “if you do then you know where I work.” I don’t think she thought I was serious but I was most definitely serious. My plan is to make a baby blanket in the Periwinkle Purple and bring it in. If she likes it I can quote her a price with the promise of appliquéing some letters for her daughters name. If she doesn’t like it then I’ll have a pretty purple blanket to do with as I please. Win-win in my book. Although her daughter has a very unusual name (Danikkah) I’m playing around with the idea of teaching myself some tapestry crochet in which the name is part of the blanket pattern. I think that looks more professional but if she doesn’t like it I’m stuck with a blanket that won’t be much good for anyone else. I might make a blanket for Turtle or Burger first and show her that and tell her to imagine her daughters name. Has anyone else done tapestry crochet?

Mint Market Bag

I really liked the chevron market bag from my last post so I decided to make another one. This one is made in Peaches & Creme 100% cotton (which means it is durable, easy to care for and very stretchy). The colors are White and Mint. This time I added a 2 layer flower for a little extra flair. This is a small market bag but it holds quite a bit.