Turtle Burger Crochet


DISCLAIMER: This post contains links to other crochet designer sites. Please do not post their patterns. I personally am very appreciative of all the access to free patterns since I’m not a designer. Please do not take advantage of their generosity to the crochet world by ignoring their rights as designers and property owners. Thanks for your cooperation.

Hello and welcome to Turtle Burger Crochet. My name is Britnee. I’m a wife, mother and avid crocheter.  Just in case you’re wondering where Turtle Burger came from it is the nicknames of my 2 sons. I have been crocheting consistently for about 2 years. Crochet and I are now life long friends.  My goal for this blog is to share my crochet adventures and encourage new crocheters.

Although I consider myself relatively new to crochet, I have yet to do the typical new crocheters projects of dish cloth’s and scarves. They are definitely on my to-do list though.

Since there is no time like the present I will jump into the projects I just finished for my youngest son Turtle. Easter was just a couple days ago so I made him a Thomas the Train Easter basket and Thomas and Percy trains. I’m also making James the train but that wasn’t done on time.

The basket was really easy. After searching like crazy, I found this free pattern from Rachel Choi at Crochet Spot. Her directions for making the basket larger were very clear and this basket whipped up in no time when I actually had the time to continuously work on it. I have many more baskets planned for various things so I think to make it sturdier I will play around with using 2 strands of yarn as well as crocheting over pipe cleaner to get the handle to stand up. So many options!

For the face of Thomas on the basket, I found a really adorable crochet Thomas the Train hat and used the face pattern for the hat. Sadly, my little guy will not wear hats but I wish he did so I could make him Amy’s hat because it is so cute.

The engines were also super easy because my little train fan just wanted the main body so I didn’t need to complete the pattern using the cabin and platform. The body was worked in the round. I was actually glad Turtle didn’t want more than the body because I’m not very good at sewing pieces together and was really dreading that part. Here’s the pattern from TansyDolls.I’m not really sure how but I forgot to put the rest of the face on Percy. Grr to myself. Oh well so it goes. Ha!