Berries Jubilee Infinity Scarf-2016 Holiday Stashdown

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was participating in the 2016 Holiday Stashdown. Pictured above is one of the projects. The pattern is Berries Jubilee Infinity Scarf by Oombawka Design.As beginners, we learn the most basic stitches first: chain stitch, single crochet, half-double crochet and double crochet. In my opinion, based on my experience, the double crochet is the most used stitch. If you are a beginner who knows those basic stitches, but are ready to see how those stitches take shape and make a design, this pattern is for you! A shell stitch is incredibly easy but looks “fancy” and produces a beautiful product. The scarf is worked row by row and then sewn together at the end. If you wanted, you could even add a few more rows and leave it un-sewn as a regular scarf. Usually, when I sew scarves together I’m left with an ugly and very noticeable seam. The cool thing about this scarf is she used an overlap seam so its barely noticeable. See for yourself:

For my scarf I used 100% wool from Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted. It is super soft and squishy. I actually am becoming quite smitten with this design and may end up making one for myself as well as making some as gifts.

Berries Jubilee Infinity Scarf now available on Etsy.

Do you have any tips for avoiding hideous seams in your projects?

Gifted Poncho

I received a beautiful warm and cozy poncho from my mother-in-law. She made one for all her daughters (3), daughter-in-law (me, 1) and granddaughters (4) for Christmas but decided we could all use them now for the chilly autumn weather. I’m so glad she did too. I can’t imagine making 8 ponchos without a pattern within a months time. We all knew she was making them because she took each of us to pick out the colors we wanted. All the other women/girls picked out really pretty colors (each one picked a variegated plus a solid color). I admit I felt a little bit like I should do that too. Anyone that knows me won’t be too surprised by that admission. I rarely rock the boat. I tend to go with the flow and not really speak my mind unless its something I’m extremely adamant about.
So standing in Hobby Lobby with all of this beautiful, vibrant yarn (I knew I wanted I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby so that’s the section we were in) I finally spoke up. I said, “every color I look at brings me back to teal because it’s my favorite and it makes me happy so I just want a solid teal poncho. Is that ok?” I didn’t even realize I was holding a breath until I sighed with relief when she hugged me and chuckled “Of course! It’s your poncho!” So that’s the story of this poncho. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it at work and this past Saturday while she and I visited several holiday craft fairs.
Even though I didn’t make this project I wanted to share it because, well, its crochet and I love it. But also because she is the one who introduced me to crochet (I’d never heard of it before I met her) and she’s always interested in what I’ve made and what I’m thinking of next. I hope one day I can teach someone else to crochet who loves it as much as I do. Then I can give them the same compliment she gave me to another crocheter this last weekend: the student has surpassed the teacher. While that is far from the truth it is an encouragement and blessing to know that just like my own parents, my mother-in-law is proud of what I’m doing through crochet.
Do you have an amazing craft mentor or do you mentor a beginner crocheter? I’d love to know your story. Share in the comments!

Rockskipper Earwarmer Holiday Stashdown

I haven’t posted anything for a couple weeks. I’ve had quite a few projects but never found a good time to take photos until a few days ago. Get ready because there’s to be several posts at once but I’ll try to spread them out.

First things first, do you remember the Rockskipper Cowl and Wristers? I made them before I found out they were part of the 2016 Holiday Stashdown CAL which is a group of 20+ designers that create different projects using yarn that is already on hand that would make great holiday gifts. Each week a new project is released. I’ve done them all out of order and only did the projects I was interested in. When I was checking new projects I came across the Rockskipper Earwarmer. Perfect! I’m a sucker for sets so I had to do it since I still have quite a bit of that yarn available. I’m fairly certain it is Caron Simply Soft. I have no idea of the colorway but its a magnificent silvery blue.

The pattern of all the Rockskipper projects are super easy and even though I had already made the cowl and wristers it wasn’t until I made the earwarmer that it registered in my brain that it does look like skipping rocks. In a single stitch there’s 4 double crochets which look like a shell then a chain then a final double crochet. And that’s the skipping part. It was pretty cool once I noticed it. Again, the pattern is so easy, I also made a pair of matching boot cuffs but they didn’t turn out too well. I’m a little off on the size so that’s why they aren’t shown.

Thank you Sweet Potato Creations for great free patterns!

Have you ever made anything with a neat project name and then noticed the project really did look like it? Share in the comments.