Crochet Cup Cozy Gifts

I made these cup cozies for all my coworkers and Turtle’s teachers. Everyone loves them. Turtle’s teacher said it best “Handmade gifts are always the best.” The adorable cup cozy holder is a free template I found on Pinterest from froggingalong. It was printed mostly on brown card stock paper from Walmart. I did print a few on regular white paper to see the difference. I do not recommend this because as you can imagine the white paper is too flimsy.

Did you crochet any handmade gifts for Christmas?

Crochet Dog Sweater

Hi folks! This time around I’m posting a super easy dog sweater. I, myself, am not a dog person but this was so unbelievably easy I’m considering making several more to add to Etsy. It’s a great stash buster too.

Here’s how this sweater came to be.

Ternie noticed our neighbor walking her dog in the cold in one of her old sweaters. He thought it would be nice for Sugar (the dog) to have a sweater of her own. Ternie’s great about thinking of things like that. It’s one of the millions of things I love about him.

The photos on the website even showed cats wearing these. We have 2 cats (Brit & Paws) but I value my life too much to even attempt getting a sweater on either of them. If you happen to have a docile cat that will let you dress it up, I’d love to see.