I know funny. I’m a Clownfish!

Back in the olden days of 2003-2004 I think it is safe to say I was slightly obsessed with Finding Nemo. I’m not really sure why looking back on it but I did enjoy all things Nemo. I had a poster over my bed, a Nemo blanket (which Turtle and Burger still use), and I had a bright blue Volkswagen Beetle which I named Dory. Eventually, I slightly matured and Nemo faded although I still enjoy the movie. I haven’t seen Finding Dory but Nemo has found his way to the crochet world. When I saw a children’s hat pattern on Pinterest I knew I had to make it.
If and when I make Nemo again the only change I would make is the black and white stripes. Instead of making them as 2 pieces and then sewing them on, I would just change colors a few times and make them as stripes in the hat. Other than that, he’s definitely not perfect but still pretty cute. I used I Love This Yarn in Sport Weight colors orange, ivory, and black which made the hat about a size smaller than I wanted but that’s OK. Also, for some reason I don’t care for hats that have the long braids attached to the ear flaps so I left those off. There also is a Dory pattern which I’ll also be making. Has anyone else made any of these character type hats?

Side note: Whoever said crochet isn’t dangerous (I just imagine someone saying that) obviously hasn’t crocheted. My scissors got stuck in my leg while trying to sew all these pieces on. Thankfully it didn’t go in too far but it still hurt.


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