Mother’s Day Part 1

My Mother’s Day post will be in 2 parts. Today’s post will be about the gift I made for my mother in law. She doesn’t go online so I know she won’t find out about her gift before Mother’s Day. Part 2 will be for my own Mama whose gift I haven’t finished or mailed yet. She won’t be surprised at all about that. So more about today’s project. Continue reading

Hot days, Cold treats

After a crazy but rather nice Indiana winter, we’ve had an even crazier spring. Our late March and into April has been back and forth between hot and cold. I think we’re finally leveling out which for our 3 year old Turtle means only one thing: popsicles. Continue reading

Cup Cosies

Lately I’ve really been liking me some coffee. Really sweet coffee. My favorite go-to is white chocolate mocha. Hot or iced is just simply luxurious. When I take my coffee with me I need to keep my dainty little hands burn free. Thankfully there are lots of free crochet patterns for when I want a cozie that’s different. Continue reading

Life is like….

…a ball of yarn, of course. Bet you thought I was going to say chocolate. Yumm. Chocolate. Here’s how it goes, I see a nice yarn and think “hmm I think I like that color/feel. I can do something with that.” Years later, it’s still sitting there, just waiting for me to use my talent, and dare I say gift, to turn it into something amazing. So I finally decide what I want to use it for. Continue reading