Mother’s Day Part 1

My Mother’s Day post will be in 2 parts. Today’s post will be about the gift I made for my mother in law. She doesn’t go online so I know she won’t find out about her gift before Mother’s Day. Part 2 will be for my own Mama whose gift I haven’t finished or mailed yet. She won’t be surprised at all about that. So more about today’s project. Continue reading


Cup Cosies

Lately I’ve really been liking me some coffee. Really sweet coffee. My favorite go-to is white chocolate mocha. Hot or iced is just simply luxurious. When I take my coffee with me I need to keep my dainty little hands burn free. Thankfully there are lots of free crochet patterns for when I want a cozie that’s different. Continue reading

Life is like….

…a ball of yarn, of course. Bet you thought I was going to say chocolate. Yumm. Chocolate. Here’s how it goes, I see a nice yarn and think “hmm I think I like that color/feel. I can do something with that.” Years later, it’s still sitting there, just waiting for me to use my talent, and dare I say gift, to turn it into something amazing. So I finally decide what I want to use it for. Continue reading