Overcoming Myself

So here’s the thing: I usually don’t do WIP Wednesday because I have this “thing” about showing unfinished projects. I love seeing other people’s projects even if they are unfinished so today I’m overcoming myself and putting my incomplete projects out there. I’m working all these simultaneously so no project gets left behind.

The first 2 projects are actually finished but that’s just as of early this morning so they’re worth mentioning.

1. Phone cover wristlet. I just made a cover of half double crochet and got the wristlet part from Pinterest ideas.

2. Basic Apron. I made this for someone at work. I used a crossover stitch based on a YouTube video.

Christmas Tree Skirt by Smooth Fox. This one will just be solid red. I’m using Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn.

Bernat Pop Granny Square Cocoon by Yarnutopia. This has made me kinda obsessed with Granny Squares.

Time Flies

I didn’t realize until just now how much time has passed since my last post. I truly am sorry. Nevertheless, my fingers must crochet at least a few stitches everyday. Some days I’m blessed to get that.

Even as time flies and life moves on Christmas season is now on the minds of many crafters. I’m no exception. I’ve been busy trying to make items for my first craft show. Unfortunately I missed out last year but not this year!

Here’s my first item which will be available for $20.

A Christmas Baby Cocoon with Beanie