Small Market Bag

I’ve really been wanting to make some bags. I adore bags. Always have. Oh and shoes too. But back to the bags. I’m planning on submitting some items to the county fair next week and wanted to add a market bag. Not just any bag though. I wanted to sorta fancy it up a bit but still keep it do-able for my current skill set and time. As I browsed through Ravelry I noticed a pattern that I’ve had in my queue for several months. It is a Chevron market bag from Cre8tion Crochet. She has two sizes listed. I made the small to get a feel for the pattern. It worked up pretty quickly. I’ve never done a ripple pattern but I enjoyed making it and will be making more. The small did turn out small but its enough to carry 3 water bottles in (that’s what I used it for). It also held up in the washer and dryer though I think the color may have slightly faded. I used two skeins of my Peaches & Creme cotton yarn. My colors were Seabreeze and Candy Sprinkles.

One interesting thing about this pattern I really liked is she teaches a seamless join. If you look at the bottom of the bag you can’t really tell where it is. I’ll also be using that method to make hats in the future. That line where the seam is always seems to distract me from the beauty of the piece so I like knowing there’s an option to not have it unless you’re looking for it.

This bag will not be added to my Etsy shop quite yet but look for additional items added soon. Note: If you haven’t been to my shop in the last week I’ve added 4 baby blanket and hat sets. They make perfect gifts for baby showers, birthday gifts, Christmas or just to say you care. My mother in law made these particular items so I stand by the quality.

Happy Father’s Day

Today is a special day that we celebrate important men in our lives. The best Father any of us can have is our Heavenly Father. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. I was and am fortunate to have an amazing Dad who has always been an example of what an Earthly father is supposed to be. Because of his example, I knew what I wanted in a husband and was blessed enough to find those characteristics in Ternie. Everyday I am thankful to be able to witness the relationships he strives to build between himself and Turtle and Burger since he also was given a strong bond between himself and my father-in-law. Additionally, I have a younger brother who has grown into an amazing man who gives his all for not only his own daughter but also the daughter and son of our younger sister. My prayer is that Turtle, Burger, and my nephew see the positive examples from men in their lives and strive to be the men and, one day hopefully, fathers God intends them to be.

Ternie is an easy man to buy for since he never wants anything but a homemade card. He keeps them out year round and enjoys reading them whenever he catches a glimpse of one. While I did get Turtle to color him a picture I have a hard time leaving it at that. Periodically, Ternie goes through a phase where he enjoys reading. A couple weeks ago he began a new book so I thought I would make him a bookmark. The bookmark itself I made up. I made chains the length I wanted using I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby in sport weight (I believe I did 21 chains) and then single crocheted across for 4 or 5 rows. I then went to YouTube and got patterns for letters from HappyBerry Crochet. Then sewed the letters onto the bookmark.


Christmas in June

So I was going to delay this post until closer to Christmas but after seeing a gorgeous white mint market bag from uniquely craftastic and mentioning I must have that mint yarn for some mini stockings I’ve been working on, I just decided to let everyone see what I’ve been working on. After trying several patterns, this is the best one I’ve found with the attached hook as part of the pattern. It’s a super easy pattern from a Maggie’s Crochet YouTube tutorial. So far I’ve done two versions. Green with white trimming and red with white trimming.
The green is slightly larger due to the differences in yarns. It is made with Red Heart with Love in Evergreen and Eggshell. The red is from Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red. I love the feel of this one. I’ve had an additional order for white stockings with a color trim. I just got that order today so don’t have them made up yet but I plan on using the Eggshell. This is why I loved the mint color so much. I thought it would make a beautiful trim on a white stocking.

Blogger Recognition Award

Last week I received my first ever Blogger Recognition Award from Coggies & Cuddies. At the time I was super excited and didn’t know what I was supposed to do about it, if anything. I had seen others nominated and posting about it but I waited. I’m still not sure if I’m going about this the right way but just decided to post it anyway. Over the last week it has been a great joy for me and I felt very honored and humbled by the nomination. Thank you, Coggies & Cuddies. I hope others enjoy reading my blogs as much as I have enjoyed yours and that I am able to offer encouragement to others. Here are the rules for accepting the nomination:

The Rules:

  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

In a nutshell, which is still pretty long, here’s the story of Turtle Burger Crochet.

In 2004, I married an amazing man, Ternie, who comes from an amazing family. In getting to know my new in-laws my mother-in-law shared one of her lifelong passions: Crochet. I had never heard of it but I really liked everything I saw her creating so I asked her to teach me. At the time we lived in Alabama so on one of their visits we went to a craft store and we bought my first crochet beginner book and a set of hooks. She taught me the foundation chain and single crochet but it didn’t stick after they went back home. Fast forward to 2010 we are now living in Indiana and the crochet bug strikes again since now I can have her guidance more often. I was determined to make our only son, 5 year old Burger, a blanket. I didn’t know anything about yarn or hook size at the time. I found a yarn I liked and picked up an F hook. I only chose that one because it was my favorite color teal. After many weeks of trying to find those stupid little single crochet stitches and only getting through two uneven rows I gave up for a second time.

Fast forward again to 2014. We now have our second wonderful son, Turtle who was a year and a half. Meanwhile, my baby sister was having her second child. For the third time I was bit by the crochet bug and was determined to make my new little nephew a blanket. It took six months but I was so proud to have completed a baby blanket made of all single crochet. I was hooked. It was at this time I learned why Burgers blanket went awry: I was using the F hook on Lionbrand Homespun bulky yarn. No wonder I gave up. I do not recommend that. Since that time I have made amigurumi toys, blankets, a pillow, Easter baskets, purses, bow ties, phone cases, stockings and more.

It is now 2016. I am still a proud stay-at-home mama of my two sweet boys: 11 year old Burger and 3 year old Turtle. An old saying says we should do what we love. I love crocheting and decided I wanted to share it with others and hopefully my little hobby would turn into a business. In today’s techno savvy world, a blog seemed a great way to start and it’s been about 3 months now and blogging has been a great outlet for me because I could talk about crochet all day and my poor Ternie thankfully puts up with it but blogging gives him a break from listening about it. That’s the true story behind Turtle Burger Crochet.

Here’s what I would tell new bloggers: write about what you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter how many people will read it but its a record and reflection of your personal growth and you want to be proud of what you put out there for the potential world to read. Second, be considerate of others. Don’t say hurtful things you wouldn’t want said to you or about you.

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Going Stash Crazy

For awhile now something has been seriously bothering me: Yarn organization. By no means am I a neat freak. My husband, Ternie, can attest to this. I think I fall under a category called organized chaos. It may not make sense to anyone else but I have a system in my head. It doesn’t always work, mind you, but it’s there nonetheless.

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Crochet flip flop up cycling

I’ve been in a bit of funk crochet wise so I took about 5 days off. For some reason anything I tried to make just didn’t come together even though they were easy items I had made before (mainly hats). Anyways, I’m starting to get back in the game and my confidence is growing again.
For awhile now I’ve wanted to upcycle an old pair of flip flops and kinda fancy’em up a bit. Continue reading