Water Balloons

I’ve seen these crochet water balloons on several sites and wanted to make some for Turtle. The pattern is from Left in Knots and there’s also a video tutorial. The pattern is really super easy. 

As for the yarn, I’m not used to big hooks or super bulky yarn but oh my goodness its incredibly soft and squishy. The pattern calls for 9.00mm/N hook. My N hook is a 10mm which is the bigger balloon. I then decided to try a K hook which I like a little better for Turtle since he’s only 4. We haven’t gotten to play with them yet but I almost can’t keep the surprise from him anymore because I want to know if they’ll work. I bought 2 skeins of the Bernat Blanket and will update this post as to how many balloons I get. 

Are you having a fun-filled summer using your yarn and hooks?

Mary Maxim: Conquered

Pattern: Mary Maxim Granny’s Little Girl No. 98071N

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Practice yarn used: Bernat Giggles (3 balls) in color Periwinkle Purple 

So I’ve had this pattern since maybe January (possibly December). My mother-in-law’s (Ms S) friend (Bev) bought it and decided she couldn’t do it so she gave it to Ms S who decided she didn’t want to do it. I inherited it because they know I love a crochet challenge. So here we go.

Challenge is a bit of an understatement. Headache: yes. Frustration: yes. Mind-boggling: you betcha. While the pattern isn’t exactly difficult once you get the hang of it, I just don’t recommend it for OCD people like myself. In my mind each stitch in a round or row should be accounted for and that’s not the way parts of this pattern work.

There is a pattern add-on for sleeves but I find the circular sweaters so much cuter without them. This was a practice piece so I could get used to the pattern without ruining the very delicate Mary Maxim yarn. Once Bev and Ms S saw the finished product we all decided it was a little more frilly than we were expecting and decided that for her intended gift I would just make The Lavender Chair’s circular sweater seen here.

So with so many negatives was there anything positive about this pattern? Absolutely. For one, I didn’t buy it so my money wasn’t wasted (sorta kinda just kidding). No, but really it was a difficult pattern that I can look back on with appreciation and say to myself “Brit, you stuck with something challenging and you conquered it! You’re not a quitter, you’re an OVERCOMER!” What good advice to myself for so many things in this life. 

My very most favorite part of this pattern is the pinwheel center medallion. I mean it’s gorgeous!  

Have you ever had a pattern that didn’t make sense that you conquered and can now call yourself an overcomer?

Ring Around the Rosie Part 2

Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend. A couple of posts ago I showed you the Ring Around the Rosie Circular Sweater jacket/cardigan by The Lavender Chair. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to add sleeves. As you see in the photo above I did add sleeves and a button. On one hand I’m glad I did the sleeves because they were my first ever and it was an easy pattern. But my final decision on others of this pattern will be no sleeves (unless specifically asked). I feel like they made the rest of the garment look a little wonky. I’m not overly crazy about the button either. Now I know. Also if any of you decide to try this pattern I’m glad I could do both versions so you can now make a well informed decision. You’re welcome.