Crochet Boot Cuffs

Adorable boot cuffs

Pattern by Posh Patterns

Yarn Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn


Crochet Gift Card Holder & Ornament

Customized gift card holder and keepsake ornament. Original pattern by Maggie’s Crochet . Yarn used is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn.

Crochet Cup Cozy Gifts

I made these cup cozies for all my coworkers and Turtle’s teachers. Everyone loves them. Turtle’s teacher said it best “Handmade gifts are always the best.” The adorable cup cozy holder is a free template I found on Pinterest from froggingalong. It was printed mostly on brown card stock paper from Walmart. I did print a few on regular white paper to see the difference. I do not recommend this because as you can imagine the white paper is too flimsy.

Did you crochet any handmade gifts for Christmas?

Crochet Dog Sweater

Hi folks! This time around I’m posting a super easy dog sweater. I, myself, am not a dog person but this was so unbelievably easy I’m considering making several more to add to Etsy. It’s a great stash buster too.

Here’s how this sweater came to be.

Ternie noticed our neighbor walking her dog in the cold in one of her old sweaters. He thought it would be nice for Sugar (the dog) to have a sweater of her own. Ternie’s great about thinking of things like that. It’s one of the millions of things I love about him.

The photos on the website even showed cats wearing these. We have 2 cats (Brit & Paws) but I value my life too much to even attempt getting a sweater on either of them. If you happen to have a docile cat that will let you dress it up, I’d love to see.


First Craft Show Reveal

Hello again. It seems like I start each post out with an apology for being so inconsistent with this blog. I’m sorry.

So this post is primarily about how my first craft show went last weekend. Those that follow me on Instagram ( @turtleburgercrohet ) know that I’ve spent this week trying to process that experience. Here’s why: I failed. It didn’t go as I expected and I was hurt. I was frustrated. Since I’m being completely honest I felt like crochet and I needed a trial separation. I’m like Cougar in Top Gun: I’ve lost my edge. I haven’t been able to pick up a hook all week but I have worked on putting straggly yarn in organized cakes. I can’t completely separate from my yarn.

I’m not normally a negative person and can bounce back from things pretty quickly. I think I’ve had a hard time with this though because I truly just wasn’t expecting this. I jokingly made comments like “my goal is just to get the entry fee back.” Well, I barely made that by a few dollars. My mother in law did the show with me and she did fantastic I thought. We had different types of items so I was so proud of her. She’s all excited for next year. Just FYI, her turkey potholders were the favorite. As for my items, I had lots of compliments. My prices weren’t high to begin with but I even reduced them just to get things moving. Nothing. I did have a custom hat and mitten order but she hasn’t responded to the email so I’ll update on that progress.

I wish I could give some great insight in how to have a successful craft show experience but regrettably I cannot. I honestly don’t know what I could’ve done differently. Although here’s something: Just go with the flow and don’t expect anything. I believed this show is what I needed to turn Turtle Burger Crochet into a legit business. I’ve never made a sale in person or online so in my mind it’s still just a dream. Well I’m dreaming big because I’ve still got a lot I want to do that I will share another time.

Turtle Burger Crochet started as a dream to help my family be a little more financially independent so we can be together as much as possible. One craft show won’t change that. It sure would’ve made it a little easier though. Ha!

I’ll be coming at the business side of things from another angle but stay tuned. Turtle Burger Crochet isn’t going anywhere. I love it too much.

Crochet Granny Shrug

Look at me getting 2 posts in the same week. I’m trying to get it together crochet-wise so hopefully you’ll be seeing and reading more from me. 

This is my Crocheted Granny Shrug. I’m pretty sure it’s a universal pattern but I’m giving credit to Nadia at Yarnutopia. I love her YouTube videos. She’s very easy for me to follow. 

Here’s the details on my particular shrug:

Yarn used: Bernat Pop in color Scarlett Sizzle (3 skeins)

Hook: K

Dimensions: pattern calls for square to be 40 inches but I made mine 35 inches and used a smaller hook size because I’m short and thought it would’ve been too big and long. Next time I’ll be doing the full 40 inches. Also I ran out of this yarn so I didn’t do 2 rounds of edging or the cuffs on the sleeves. Even still it is very comfortable and cozy. 

Contact me at for your $40 custom shrug.

Photo credit: Thank you Ternie for taking photos for your silly wife.