Crochet Vina Hat

So if you read my last post you already know I’ve been trying to find a good top down cabled hat. As a recommendation from @astitchshyofnormal on Instagram I thought I’d try the Vina Hat.

The first 3 rows went beautifully and then I got stuck on the 4th round. For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. After several tries, I persevered. I kept on keepin’ on (thank you Veggie Tales). I am so glad I didn’t give up on this pattern. It turned out beautiful. It is slightly big and long for my head so I actually didn’t do the last 3 rows of the brim. I like it anyway.

Just in case you’re wondering. I didn’t intentionally make this a Santa inspired hat. If you’ve read many of my posts you’ll know I prefer to practice patterns I’ve never done before. This was no exception. I was using scrap red yarn and ran out. It was between a white or black brim. Ternie and I decided on white. I guess if you’re an Indiana University or University of Mississippi fan this is the hat for you.

Also, I just have to say I’m so excited to finally have a model head. I don’t care if she’s styrofoam. It may sound weird but she seemed to stand out at Hobby Lobby amongst all the other heads like she was saying “Pick me! Pick me!” I think that means she needs a name. Any suggestions?

Happy Crocheting,


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