WIP 1/17/2018

So for 2018 I decided to “clean” my Ravelry queue by making the hundreds of items I save and never get too (I should be doing this to each area of our house but maybe this will motivate me, eh?)

The first project I selected is the LOVE IS IN THE AIR VALENTINE COWL by Oombawka Designs.

If you follow me on Instagram (@turtleburgercrochet) then you already know I’m indecisive about this one at the moment. Maybe it’s the yarn (Redheart Super Saver) or maybe it’s just not the right time for this project. Something just feels off about it so on Ravelry I’ve hibernated it. I may come back to it…one day.

My next project (also in Redheart Super Saver) I’m completely adoring. I already strayed from Ravelry on this (ok I actually went and added it but I saw it first on Instagram). It’s the Habitat Cardigan by Make and Do Crew. I haven’t gotten very far with it. Anyone that follows me regular knows I like making practice pieces first before I give things to people. I have 2 sweaters I want to make for 2 special moms in my life but I want it to be something they’ll love and actually wear. I think this pattern could be it. So here’s the sneak peak of my practice cardigan.

For RedHeart it’s incredibly soft. For the actual gifts though I’ll probably get Red Heart With Love and it’ll be soft and cozy and warm.

Now an update on what I want to do. I never post goals or resolutions or anything because to be honest I probably won’t keep or achieve most of them. However one of the projects I want to do is a houndstooth scarf. I watched some videos last night on how to do this stitch and I thought to myself “it’s so easy! I’ve completely got this!” I was very excited for myself. Then a thought occurred to me. I will learn one new stitch a month and make a reasonable project using that stitch. So here I go. I’m making an official goal. Stay tuned.

Have you or do you make goals or resolutions and then keep them?


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