Fidget Spinner Case

Have you seen these fidget spinners? Personally, I don’t “get” them but they are kinda fun. Like any responsible parents, we’ve had to use them as bribes to get Turtle to take his eye drops after his eye surgery last week. So in the past week we’ve managed to collect 3. 
I was browsing around Pinterest (of course) and came across a fidget spinner case by Fiber Flux. Naturally I had to give that trick a whirl. It was super easy and fast for some ultimate cuteness. I found this cute hand button in a pack of 7 at Wal-Mart today. The orange worked perfectly I thought. By the way, I told Turtle last night he could choose any of my yarn and this old school (judging by the sleeve) was what he chose. I thought he didn’t know what he wanted so I started making a blue one and he said “Moommm, I told you I wanted this yarn. Why did you ask me?” Haha. He had a good point. 

Are any kiddos in your life into these trendy hand spinners? If so, these would make a great gift. Custom orders accepted. 


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