Mary Maxim: Conquered

Pattern: Mary Maxim Granny’s Little Girl No. 98071N

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Practice yarn used: Bernat Giggles (3 balls) in color Periwinkle Purple 

So I’ve had this pattern since maybe January (possibly December). My mother-in-law’s (Ms S) friend (Bev) bought it and decided she couldn’t do it so she gave it to Ms S who decided she didn’t want to do it. I inherited it because they know I love a crochet challenge. So here we go.

Challenge is a bit of an understatement. Headache: yes. Frustration: yes. Mind-boggling: you betcha. While the pattern isn’t exactly difficult once you get the hang of it, I just don’t recommend it for OCD people like myself. In my mind each stitch in a round or row should be accounted for and that’s not the way parts of this pattern work.

There is a pattern add-on for sleeves but I find the circular sweaters so much cuter without them. This was a practice piece so I could get used to the pattern without ruining the very delicate Mary Maxim yarn. Once Bev and Ms S saw the finished product we all decided it was a little more frilly than we were expecting and decided that for her intended gift I would just make The Lavender Chair’s circular sweater seen here.

So with so many negatives was there anything positive about this pattern? Absolutely. For one, I didn’t buy it so my money wasn’t wasted (sorta kinda just kidding). No, but really it was a difficult pattern that I can look back on with appreciation and say to myself “Brit, you stuck with something challenging and you conquered it! You’re not a quitter, you’re an OVERCOMER!” What good advice to myself for so many things in this life. 

My very most favorite part of this pattern is the pinwheel center medallion. I mean it’s gorgeous!  

Have you ever had a pattern that didn’t make sense that you conquered and can now call yourself an overcomer?


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