Red Heart App

Hello all! Unfortunately I don’t have any completed projects to share with you but I do have exciting news. I subscribe to the Red Heart yarn newsletter. Today in my inbox I was informed they have a free app for Android and iPhone devices. I, of course, had to download and check it out since I use Red Heart a lot. I just finished looking it over and I am impressed. The photos I’m showing are screenshots from my phone which runs Android. When you first activate the app and give permissions for your camera and location this is the Home screen

I had to check out the Yarn Lovers Gallery. Here you can upload images of your projects using Red Heart yarns.

Next is a basic row counter but a neat feature. Maybe as they improve their app they would consider adding a place where you can list projects you’re working on and save a row counter for each project.

Additionally, you can shop all their yarns and their hundreds, if not thousands, of free crochet and knit projects.

Did any of you receive the Red Heart email? Are you going to give it a try? Simply type Red Heart into AppStore or Google Play Store. Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Red Heart App

  1. Tami says:

    I saw that in my email too, but didn’t download it. I’m glad you checked it out and gave us the scoop on all the features! I like the row counter thing. I think I might use that. I love Red Heart yarns – great price and so many colors!! 😀

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