Don’t you forget about me

Hello Readers.  Based on the title you probably know the song I’m singing to myself. I’m terribly sorry I have deserted you for a couple months. I hope I haven’t lost any of you. Different circumstances had led to my absence but the biggest downer was even after it was all said and done I lost my crojo (crochet mojo). Unfortunately I missed my one year blogiversary and I also reached 59 followers. Today’s post is more of a hello and let yall know what I’ve been working on although I don’t have photos yet. I made one sister-in-law some barefoot sandals. I’ve been attempting a toddler circular jacket for a friend of my mother-in-law and for about a month and a half I’ve been working on an egg apron for another sister-in-law. That one has really stumped me but I figured out my own way which I’ll share when it’s finally done.

Have you ever lost your crojo? What did you do to get your fingers back in the yarn basket and grabbing your hooks? I would try periodically but I just wasn’t in it. I did make sure I continued to scour Ravelry and Pinterest. I read all your blogs and discovered some new ones to follow. I also carried some yarn with me nearly everywhere in case the desire suddenly struck. I also watched and rewatched lots of YouTube. Thankfully it was still incredibly relaxing. 

So in summary, I’m back, hopefully better than ever and can’t wait to share some projects with you.


9 thoughts on “Don’t you forget about me

  1. brennacrocheter says:

    Welcome back! I lost my mojo back in January (after Christmas crocheting), I found that taking a break and doing other creative projects inspired me to get back to crocheting. I’ve been a crazy crocheter ever since!

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  2. Tami says:

    Welcome back! I went for years losing my crojo then getting it back – especially when my kids were little and I was working full time nights – I would have to choose between sleep and crocheting. I have been very lucky to be 2 years straight back on the hook every day! I’m glad you’re back and look forward to seeing your posts!! πŸ˜€


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