Crochet Tapestry

Here’s my first attempts with tapestry crochet. Once I got the hang of how to manage the color changes it really was sorta kinda easy peasy. I made each one based on Ternie’s nieces and nephews. They were a big hit with each of them. I used Red Heart Super Saver; however, since I was framing them, I really should’ve used thinner yarn but, nonetheless, they turned out great. I do have a great tip that took me a little while to figure out: before you start you graph, there is lots of preplanning. It’s imperative to number the rows on your graph and establish your right and wrong sides. If you take this extra step it makes it so much easier. Most importantly, by establishing your right and wrong sides, you’ll be able to have your color changes all on the same side. Trust me, for a smoother and more professional finished project, you’re going to want to do it this way.

Listed below are the sites I got each of the graphs from.


Musical note


Letter S



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