Messy Bun Hat

Although I had already planned to jump on the messy bun/ponytail/mom bun hat bandwagon, my sister sent me a text of one so I made it earlier than expected. Boy, am I glad I did. A lady at work was looking for two so I offered to make them. Then a pharmacist at Walgreens wants one. Good thing I decided to wear my sisters for the day to decide if I wanted one for myself. It also made me realize I need to get business cards ASAP. Although I told the pharmacist how to get in touch with me, it would’ve been more professional to hand her a card. Does anyone know of any good deals or tips on getting business cards made up?

Would you like a messy bun hat? Contact me for your custom order today. Adult and child sizes available for $15 with free shipping.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that 2017 will be the best year yet for all of us.

Update: I was reminded by a reader I forgot to mention where I got the pattern from. Truthfully, these hats take some getting used to. I took bits and pieces from different patterns but the one I’ve been following most closely is from Crochet Jewel on YouTube. I did not use a hair tie. Instead, I chained the 22 and went from there. I’ve also done several hats using her ribbed band and also did some with a basic single crochet edging. Once you figure the best starting method for you, its just like any other hat pattern and is easy to customize.


7 thoughts on “Messy Bun Hat

  1. Hope Beaver says:

    You can make your own business cards if you have a computer. Office supply stores sell blank ones and you can download their templates to make them. It’s super easy. I’ve done them for my dad. Love the hat, too!

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