Working Girl

After being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, I have rejoined the working world for one night a week. I really enjoy it so far. Here’s what projects I had time for this week. The above is a Pink Pearl Cap from Expression Fiber Arts Crochet along on Ravelry. I made a green one for the actual CAL (remember fancy wife?) but I decided to whip another one up. Once you get the hang of it the pattern is really easy and I love the result with the added button. This particular hat will be listed on Etsy and I’ll be making an identical one to be donated to our local women’s domestic violence shelter. I’ve also thought about doing a child version for a matching mother/daughter set for the shelter. Thoughts or opinions on that?

I also did a couple simple beanies to donate to the local hospital through the Caring Parents Program which gives purple hats to newborns along with information on shaken baby syndrome to their parents. The pictures didn’t turn out well but here they are.


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