I need a new license plate

Ternie and I have an ongoing joke. Many years ago on I-65 in Birmingham, Alabama, we saw a man driving his wife’s vehicle (she was with him). As they sped past us we noticed her license plate: FANCY WIFE. After my latest project, Ternie can claim the same for me. I made this hat for the Expression Fiber Arts Crochet along (CAL). EFA yarn is definitely a luxury I can’t afford however it is fun to see what wild colorways Chandi comes up with and I’ve saved several of her free patterns but this was the first I’ve made. Actually this was my first completed CAL as well. The pattern is called Pink Pearl Cap. I used Caron Simply Soft in colorway Pagoda and added a simple yet fancy black button. The pattern itself was easy in theory but once I got working on it, I had a little trouble getting the hang of it. I eventually got it and am very pleased with how it turned out. I will be making more and it will be added to Etsy soon.


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