SATS: Quick Little Bag & Charity Cap

Today’s show and tell is a quick little bag from Jessie at Home.

I actually made this last week but forgot to put it in my last post. I’m getting lots of use from that Dollar Tree yarn. Since it was so cheap I use it to test patterns and then I can make it with colors and yarn of my choosing after I know the pattern. The yarn is a lighter worsted size 4 so it turned out too small for my purposes but with this particular yarn it makes a perfect little girl purse. When I was little I adored purses and loved thinking I was putting grown up stuff in it. Who am I kidding? I still love purses and bags of all kinds. I just imagine some sweet little dark haired girl like myself feeling grown up carrying a purse around and putting little lip glosses in this bag. The only thing is if said little imaginary girl swings the purse around in stores (I always was getting in trouble for that) she would lose her stuff so I’ll be adding a button to it before it goes up for sale in my Etsy shop.

I also made a second charity beanie identical to last weeks beanie.

For each beanie sold in my Etsy shop an identical one will be donated to either a hospital, pregnancy care center or domestic violence shelter.

And lastly, we celebrated Burger’s 12th birthday. As suspected the afghan turned out a little small but it makes a perfect lapghan for his wheelchair.


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