SATS: Beanie and stockings

I haven’t been able to get much accomplished this week. I’ve started and stopped I don’t even know how many projects this week so during those lulls I’ve been working on mini Christmas stockings. These stockings are for the holiday craft fair in November and I’m determined to have at least 50 (10 sets of 5). I’ll also be updating my Etsy with these stockings. Right now Etsy is all over the place so I decided to keep it simple with one size and one color (red) with an option for customization to make green.

Last night I decided I wanted to use some sport weight yarn so I chose Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn Sport in Red for this beanie. Although it was an easy project I did learn a few things. The pattern calls for a 3 stitch cable and the edging is a reverse single crochet, or crab stitch. I found a tutorial from Moogly on YouTube and once I got the hang of it it was kinda fun and will be remembering that finishing touch on future projects. I always thought it was complicated so I’ve stayed away from projects calling for the crab stitch. Maybe now I’ll hunt them down and conquer them. Although the pattern says sport weight yarn I noticed she used Caron Simply Soft which is still a size 4 so I’m thinking it was a typo because her hat was for an adult and because of the difference mine turned out a child size so I haven’t decided if I’m adding it to Etsy or donating it. Technically, the beanie is called a chemo cap so I’m sure I’ll donate this one and make more for my shop. Either way I was pleased how it turned out. I didn’t notice until I was taking my photos that this is a very red post. I guess I’ve been in a very red mood.

Have a great rest of the weekend.


9 thoughts on “SATS: Beanie and stockings

  1. So Craftastic says:

    I like the beanie even the redness of it! Sometimes designers wont fully explore the possibilities of their design’s!!! But I like how you explored you skill and found a technique that looks great!

    And thank you for all the help with the Amazon deal! I found a way to link it up to my blog!


  2. vlmrhm says:

    That beanie is so cute. There is a market for those for children. This is just an idea, but sell on esty with a note saying for each beanie bought, a beanie would be donated to children fighting cancer. Example: for every three sold, one would be donated. Just a thought. I have families that their kids would love the soft, bright colored beanies.

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