SATS: Burger Afghan & Crochet hook case

Welcome to Show and Tell Saturday. The first part of the week was rather productive in my little crochet world. I finished Burger’s birthday afghan. With a couple weeks to spare. Yay!

I did just a simple single crochet edging. As I mentioned previously I used a YouTube tutorial to follow along with by CrochetHooksYou. I really liked working the “soft” chevron (that’s what the video calls it) because its a little more wavy as opposed to the usual ripples which are really spiked. Because I like counting in my head (it’s an OCD thing) this was a great project for me and will most likely make this my go-to blanket pattern. It’s also easily adjustable to change the size because the foundation is done in multiples of 12.

As with most crafters, the approaching fall means getting ready for Christmas and holiday craft fairs. I’ve had my list of gifts I’d like to make for individuals but until this week hadn’t started on the crocheting. I decided a good starting place would be gifts I hadn’t made before so I had plenty of time to work out the kinks. With that being said, I thought the most difficult would be a buttoned crochet hook case for my mother-in-law. I had an idea of what I wanted which was a case that she could easily bring her supplies with her when she travels. You know, the essentials: a few hooks, scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers and even a large eyed needle for sewing ends in case she finished a project away from home. It seems basically every pattern I happened to find was a version of 2 patterns. The first only had pockets for hooks but no other supplies and I didn’t want to take the time to figure out how to adjust it. The other was a circulated PDF from a book published in 1981 and was designed by Sally V. George. It was exactly what I had in my head. I did a test of it which turned out a little wonky so I’ll be keeping this one for myself and in spite of the mistakes I really like it. The only change I made was I didn’t want a rolled case. I wanted a button closure so in order to do that I added a single crochet edging with a button hole then sewed a simple black button. It’s not in the middle but that’s ok because I’m a little off balance myself sometimes. Also, the pattern called for an H hook (5.0 mm) but I think when I make the next one I’ll go down a hook size to see if it makes it a little tighter. As you can see my corner curls a bit. Maybe I’ll even block it. I’ve never blocked with success before so maybe I’ll try a different method.

What have you been working on? Have you started Christmas projects yet?


11 thoughts on “SATS: Burger Afghan & Crochet hook case

  1. ruthsplace says:

    Currently I’ve got a baby blanket on the hook for a baby due in November. I just finished a little crochet cat for a birthday gift next weekend and I have a knitted lace shawl on the needles for a Christmas present.

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  2. Chip says:

    That is really, really nice…truly, I mean it because even I can see the fine detail and difficulty of the stitching…You will be popular at the Craft Fair! Outstanding!!!!

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  3. LavendarLadi says:

    This has been a rare week with no crocheting for me. We went camping and I didn’t want to bring my current project along for fear it would get dirty.
    I’ve often thought about making a case. Perhaps I’ll give that pattern a try.

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  4. Arlene says:

    These are both nice projects. I like your hook case and that it is a little off. A lot of my first attempts at a pattern are a little wonky too. I usually will keep for myself or frog it and start anew.
    I currently have 3 blanket projects going. A wavy stitch baby blanket which looks similar to your “soft” Chevron blanket. A granny square Minecraft Creeper Throw for my son. I am just starting to sew the fleece material backer for my grandson’s granny square Jack O’ lantern baby blanket. I have a triangle shawl in hibernation as I only use small balls of scrap for it.
    I have a couple of hats going too. πŸ™‚


    • Turtle Burger Crochet says:

      Thank you. I have found that on projects I’m not very comfortable with that its better for me to have a tester and that’s what my hook case was. Now I’m working on the one I intended as a gift and its worked out so much better. I definitely learned on the first attempt. Sounds like you stay crochet-wise. Hope to see them on your blog sometime.


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