Chevron Ripple Blanket & Crochet ADD

The above photo is the continuation of Burger’s afghan. I didn’t get as much done this week as I had hoped. His surgery was pushed back until next Wednesday so that gave me a little more time. I have completed 45 rows out of an undetermined amount of rows. I had 75 in my head although I completely made that up and I’ll figure out if I need more when I finally get there.

This week has been slightly stressful due to the delay of surgery. We were all pumped for it and then I felt deflated so we need to mentally prepare again. After working on the afghan I felt I needed a couple of quick projects that I could complete and claim victory. Unfortunately, that sounded better in my head (like most things!). Ternie and I were given a rare date last Saturday and we went to see Finding Dory. So cute! I might even say I liked it better than the first (gasp! I know!). After that I felt inspired to finally make my Dory hat.

Yep, I couldn’t concentrate on that and this is as far as I got. Then I decided I would finally make a basic dishcloth.

As you can see I couldn’t even manage that. I did the chain and 2 stitches shy of finishing the first row. Well, at least I have an end purpose for the blanket and will just work on completing that hopefully by Tuesday.

Have you ever had Crochet ADD (attention deficit disorder)? I’m not meaning to sound insensitive to the true disorder but it summed up my week pretty well.


5 thoughts on “Chevron Ripple Blanket & Crochet ADD

  1. So Craftastic says:

    I know that feeling- it hits me when I want to do other crafts! It’s a voice in my head I think, one that says crochet projects only!!!!

    Anyways I try to sit down at the craft table and try anyways but…sadly all I do is twidle my thumbs!!!!

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  2. kaktuscrafts says:

    Crochet ADD.. good one! My husband has actually ADD and he jokes and says I have crochet ADD because I never finish one project and I am all over the place…I have 2 unfinished purses laying around.. I’m working on hair accessories and bracelets and making tshirt yarn all at the same time but I hope from one thing to another because I get bored after a while and lose focus… Crochet ADD I guess!

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  3. LavendarLadi says:

    Yep! I have two blankets, two shawls, a blanket that I’ve purchased the yarn for and a few other mini projects. The mini projects crop up because, like you, I want to see something finished.
    That why I started the ‘coffee and yarn’ weekly posts… to keep me focused and somewhat organised. (or at least to have something ‘done’ each week).
    Hoping next weeks surgery goes as you need it to.


  4. amandacrochets says:

    I don’t always have crochet ADD as I try and finish up one project at a time. However, sometimes I’ll be working on a baby blanket and will feel the need to start up something new. I really like the colors you choose for Burger’s blanket. I just love the chevron pattern!


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