Show and Tell Saturdays

It’s been awhile since I made a post; however, I’ve still been as busy as a little worker bee crocheting away. I decided to keep myself accountable with regular updates on current works in progress and completed projects. Saturdays will now be my regular posting days. I’m calling it Show and Tell Saturdays.
I received another big box of yarn from my mom and the ideas are overwhelming my brain. Thanks again to Hope for the yarn.
Since I had been out of cotton yarn these were the first skeins I reached for since I know my cotton will always at least be a bag. This is a yellow market bag I got from Crafting with Claudie.

Unless you know me personally no one in the blogging world knows about my son, Burger. He has cerebral palsy. He’ll be 12 in a little over a month. I tell you this because I had planned on making him an afghan for his birthday. He LOVES his blankets and unfortunately he’s outgrown his favorite blanket: a flannel Spiderman blanket I made a couple years ago. As it turns out Burger is having what we consider to be a pretty major surgery next week and I really wanted him to have a blanket since we’ll be in the hospital for a few days after. I’ve been working as fast as my time allows and I’m really liking the way it is turning out. I’m following this video for a Chevron ripple blanket. It has soft ripples which remind me of gentle waves.

The colors have special meaning to me. They were mine and Ternie’s wedding colors (not the gray actually but I needed a separator for the colors). It seems like an odd match of colors but its quirkiness works (kinda like me and Ternie). In fact, we have liked the way the afghan is turning out so much I decided I will be making a matching set for me and Ternie and even little Turtle. The afghan is nowhere near close to being done but it is working up fast. Hopefully I’ll have it done by surgery time on Friday.

The last project I’ve been working on this week was while traveling to pre-surgery appointments. It’s a plastic bag holder. Really fast project and, at least around our home, super useful. I will definitely will be making a few more for our home and I think they would make great gifts as well.


13 thoughts on “Show and Tell Saturdays

  1. LavendarLadi says:

    I like the market bag!
    The colours for the blanket are perfect. My kids tell me that my blankets are the warmest because my love fills in the holes between the stitches. I’m certain your son will feel the same with your blankets.


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