Headed to the Fair

For the past few years in July our family has been attending our local county fair. We always have a lot of fun and one of my favorite parts is visiting the Family Arts Building and seeing all the neat crafts (crochet) people have placed in the show. Every year I say I want to do that. This year I did. I submitted 5 items: Thomas the Train, my Mother’s Day flower bracelet, mint market bag, a green and white Christmas stocking ornament, and a pink and ivory baby hat with a barrette bow.

I have no idea what the judging criteria is because, honestly, I didn’t really care about that part. I just thought I enjoy seeing what others made and maybe my stuff would be different enough that others might enjoy what I made. It was a big confidence booster I wasn’t really expecting. All five items received a blue ribbon and the bracelet and stocking for some reason also have stars on them. It was a neat experience that I will plan on doing again next year.

In case you were wondering, the grand champion made an adult sized mermaid tail blanket which, of course, is all the rage right now, afghan-wise anyway. I was actually pleased to see it because I had considered making those for my nieces for Christmas. Definitely a lot of work so I’m still thinking on that.

Has anyone else ever entered their projects into a competition? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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