Christmas in June

So I was going to delay this post until closer to Christmas but after seeing a gorgeous white mint market bag from uniquely craftastic and mentioning I must have that mint yarn for some mini stockings I’ve been working on, I just decided to let everyone see what I’ve been working on. After trying several patterns, this is the best one I’ve found with the attached hook as part of the pattern. It’s a super easy pattern from a Maggie’s Crochet YouTube tutorial. So far I’ve done two versions. Green with white trimming and red with white trimming.
The green is slightly larger due to the differences in yarns. It is made with Red Heart with Love in Evergreen and Eggshell. The red is from Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red. I love the feel of this one. I’ve had an additional order for white stockings with a color trim. I just got that order today so don’t have them made up yet but I plan on using the Eggshell. This is why I loved the mint color so much. I thought it would make a beautiful trim on a white stocking.


6 thoughts on “Christmas in June

  1. So Craftastic says:

    oh my! they are lovely sweetie- I have checked out Maggie’s youtube channel before but I must have over looked this project! I must check it out now.. your doing a wonderful job!


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