Busy week

Hello friends! Sorry it has been a week since my last post. This week has been busy and has flown by. As I mentioned here I’ve been trying to turn my crochet into a business and had some opportunities. The hospital I’ve put off contacting until I finish a particular baby blanket but I did take some items to a children’s consignment shop this week. I brought 3 hats and 2 hair bows.

The bows are actually barrettes. I liked the idea of them being detachable. That way the bows could be changed out or just worn in the hair. As for the hat, sometimes you feel like a bow..and sometimes you don’t. The pink is made in Red Heart Super Saver Shocking Pink. It is a little heavier so it would be great for fall/winter. The blue preemie hat and the Ivory and Pink toddler hat is in sport weight from I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby.

When I brought these to the shop I was assuming she would buy them right then if she wanted them. It turned out much better. She seemed really excited by them and instead offered a space in her shop for my handmade items. Say what?? I was floored. She’s not charging me rental space or anything. She will be taking a percentage of each sale I make but really its not very much. She gave me some ideas on what people come in looking for: camo (apparently very big in our area), characters (I already turned Thomas the Train into a basket from a hat pattern so no biggie there), and neutral colors that are unisex. So I’ve been busy on that front. I’ve finished a newborn camo hat and am working in a girl camo, plus thanks to Curly Girl Crochet I’m attempting to learn a basket weave hat to add something different to boy hats (and girls but especially boys since they seem more boring). Also, I’m working on a pair of matching baby slippers to go with the Ivory and Pink hat above. They’re simply adorable.

In other news, I’m working on some Christmas mini stockings for candy cane holders but more on that later. Told you it was a very busy week and I think this post is long enough so see you in another post soon.


7 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Lila Bozeman says:

    I love your hats and bows! 💕 Also, I’m happy that the shop wants give you a section for your goodies. Awesome news and a fantastic way to get started to getting your name out. Wishing you well and that it works out! 😁👍🏻

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  2. So Craftastic says:

    Omg girl! You are so rocking it! I am so happy for you! It is wonderful that your getting such a experience! You must post pic’s and details on the set up and how your going about your production list! This is wonderful new chickdee- and I honestly don’t know if you knew or not but Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn is great for cancer patients! I happened a upon that little nugget of information a while back!

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