First hat done

I’ve made my first hat. I followed along with this YouTube video using this pattern. The pattern is worked top down and consists of only double crochets so it’s the perfect beginner project when a beginner is ready to start working in the round. I was having some problems making it with my intended sport weight yarn so this one is more of a practice hat in Red Heart Super Saver in the color Shocking Pink so it’s a bit thicker and probably more of a fall/winter hat but at least I can now check beanies off my Crochet Bucket List. I’m thinking of going back and embellishing it with a flower or some other applique but for now the hat is all I needed. The cap is a Toddler size for about 1-3 year olds. I tried it on Turtle who’s head circumference was 20 inches. I’d say it fit because it was a right fit and even though it was stretchy there wasn’t any growing room if the child were about his size. I’m not sure if I measured it right (math isn’t exactly my strong point) but if I did it correctly it is 6×19. For anyone that has made hats does that sound like it could be correct? And here’s the big reveal. Side note: Sorry for so many photos that look similar. I’m trying to learn to take better photos with my phone and I wanted to see how they looked. Ok. We may resume the drum roll.


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