Spend money to make money

You have to spend money to make money. So they say. That’s the excuse I’m using for purchasing this fabulous yarn and the hair barrettes from Hobby Lobby (I could stay in there forever but I digress).

I’m super excited about this actually. So I’ve been wanting and trying to turn my crocheting into a business but haven’t really known what to do other than blogging, Pinterest, eBay and Etsy. So far I haven’t gotten anywhere but I know it takes time. So skip ahead to this week. We’re at the hospital and I go to the gift shop to see if my items might fit in. I think they would so I ask the lady if they buy or commission local crafters. She tells me she knows they have a lady who makes lotions, soaps, etc. who they sell products for but the purchasing manager isn’t there so I might want to get some of my items together to show her. So that’s what I’ve been planning for. Skip ahead even further to today. We stopped into a children’s consignment shop for them to take some of Turtles old toys off our hands. I’d never been in there so I was browsing and noticed some baby hats that are all identical but different colors and looked crocheted or knitted. I had to ask if she would take items like that. She said she bought those awhile back and would like to have more but didn’t remember where she got them. I told her I crochet and could bring some items to show. I have an appointment with her next Tuesday to bring in some items. I’m aiming for a boys and girls baby hat, headband and maybe booties. Here’s where the barrettes come in. She said if I knew anyone that made hair ribbons to send them her way because that’s what she’s looking for. I told her I didn’t know anyone but I’m sure I can come up with something. So I’m going to try a crochet hair clip. Stay tuned for these results. All other projects are on hold. Oh, plus I need to finish this blanket. If it gets finished in time I’ll show this too.


5 thoughts on “Spend money to make money

  1. Claire says:

    I haven’t been in Hobby Lobby for such a long time! But I can see a visit in my future….I’ve finally managed to crochet an almost square washing up cloth!!
    Thank you so much for the encouraging message you left about my daughter’s writing. It really made her day 🙂

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