Results are in

So as mentioned in this post I’ve been working on a women’s blouse by following along with a YouTube video. The pattern itself is super simple (just double crochet). Everything was going along great and at a great pace. I was so excited I even brought it to Burger’s doctor appointment.

Usually when I get to the end of a project I get nervous because I have zero confidence in my sewing abilities. This was no different but I proceeded. Let me just say this project will be considered a learning experience. It’s too tight, too short and the armholes are different lengths. Oh well. Here’s the final result and a shot showing where each arm hole begins. Needless to say this is being relegated to the deep, dark, unreachable corner of my closet. Right where it belongs. I’ll try again another time. Does anyone else have horror stories of the first time you’ve made a piece of clothing? I would love to hear about it.


12 thoughts on “Results are in

  1. Lulu says:

    Proud of you. I am impressed by your first shirt. What a tribute too all your courage and hard work. Do you foresee yourself making another? Will you compare your future projects and enjoy seeing your progress? Thanks for sharing your starting point, look forward to the next installment.

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  2. So Craftastic says:

    I think your first attempt it was awesome (more than I ever could do) and your so brave for posting and taking the whole project as a learning lesson- keep up the great work sweetie, your a star! ❤

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  3. coggiesandcuddies says:

    That yarn is beautiful, lovely colour and shine, what is it please?
    I also hate sewing, it’s the only downside to yarncrafts in my opinion.
    Your crochet stitches look lovely and neat though, your piece is probably better than you give yourself credit for. The thing with home made yarn work is we know what went on while we were making it, joins, unpicking bits etc, so we can see problems in our own pieces that others can’t.
    Well done 😀 xx

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