Unexpected but fun project

So my husbands nephew is graduating from Indiana University this weekend and it just occurred to me that we had not thought to get him a graduation gift. Truth be told, neither of us would have any clue what to even get him. My first thought was “well, there’s got to be something I can just make him.” Thus began my scouring of Pinterest, Ravelry and googling. There was lots of really great graduation type gifts that I would have much preferred to make him but I needed it quick and easy. My top result was a graduation cap key chain. I know. It sounded cheesy to me too but everyone appreciates a handmade gesture even if they never have any plans to use the item. I don’t expect him to use the keychain but my husbands mother and sisters are all crafty and they’ve given home/handmade gifts for longer than the nephew has been alive so I’m confident he won’t just write us off as the weird uncle and aunt. I mean we are that but we’re not around him enough for him to recognize our weirdness.

I have to say as a last note though that I really enjoyed making this. It turned out much better than I hoped and it was easier than I expected too. It was something different so now I can at least say “why, yes, I have made a key chain. Why do you ask?” What? You’re not asked that on a regular basis? Well, let me be the first. Have you ever made a key chain?

I tried getting Turtle to be my model so I could zoom in on his head but he just thought it was too funny so I thought I was the next best thing.

I clearly wasn’t the better choice so I used the first toy I found. A big thank you to Chase from Paw Patrol. He was amazingly still and a joy to work with.


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