In the meantime…

Finally, got my mama’s Mother’s Day gift finished last night and mailed off today. As soon as she receives it I’ll have a post ready to..well, post. I think it turned out pretty good and can’t wait to share it with ya’ll. I hope she likes it as well as me and Turtle do. But she’s a mother so of course she’ll love it just because I made it.

In the meantime I need another project. I got lots of new yarn for Mother’s Day from Turtle and Burger and their wonderful Daddy, my husband Ternie (yep, also a nickname). But I can’t have them until Sunday so I think I’ll continue on with a WIP (work in progress). It’s a very sweet baby blanket I’m making for our local pregnancy care center. I’m not really in any big hurry because honestly, its sorta like therapy for me. In December we lost a baby due to a tubal pregnancy. I made a blanket for that baby afterward as a sort of memorial but truly when dealing with a loss, you can never have too much therapy. Crochet is a good therapy because I tend to zone out and clear my head which gives me time to think and pray. Anyway, here’s that blanket

This post turned into something totally different than I intended so I’ll just leave it with where I am for the blanket for the pregnancy care center.


3 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. Turtle Burger Crochet says:

    I’m actually looking at it right now . Ha! I’m thinking of doing a Christmas tree skirt that’s in one I them. A little early I know but I’ve asked my mother in law to do a Holiday Craft Show with me so thought I better start preparing.


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