Mother’s Day Part 1

My Mother’s Day post will be in 2 parts. Today’s post will be about the gift I made for my mother in law. She doesn’t go online so I know she won’t find out about her gift before Mother’s Day. Part 2 will be for my own Mama whose gift I haven’t finished or mailed yet. She won’t be surprised at all about that. So more about today’s project.

I truly lucked out in the mother in law department. I had never heard of crochet before I met her. When I saw all the amazingly creative blankets, dishcloths, hats, etc. that she made I asked her to teach me. That was more than 10 years ago but until 2 years ago it just never stuck. Now, its nearly a daily activity that I enjoy and love planning things to make.

When I asked my husband what he wanted to give Mom for Mother’s Day we decided on a flower bracelet. I looked through an enormous amount of free patterns until I found one I was confident I could make. I love when I type in a project I want to make to a search engine and frequently its the same sites that come up with what I want. Petals to picots is one of those sites. Her crochet flower bracelet is exactly what I had in mind. I have never used crochet thread before so it took some getting used to. I eventually got the hang of it. I used Red Heart Crochet Thread in Orchid Pink. The only part I had a problem with was using the join as you go (JAYGO) method of attaching the flowers to each other. I may do a post about how to do that because I never did find a satisfactory explanation so I just did what made sense to me. Anyway, here’s the beautiful bracelet

And here’s an up close view of one of the flowers

The bracelet closure is just a simple mini toggle. When I finished I felt I needed something more so I decided to search for some type of jewelry box to make. Another favorite site came up. It’s I think she has about everything on that site. I settled on this simple box. I used a simple white acrylic yarn

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Part 1

  1. Claire says:

    Wow! I’m almost embarrassed to have posted my efforts now 🙂 I am so showing my daughter this. She makes jewellery all the time and wants to do it professionally one day. She and I are learning to crochet together and her goal is to make crochet jewellery so this is perfect for her to see. Thank you for posting 🙂

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