Hot days, Cold treats

After a crazy but rather nice Indiana winter, we’ve had an even crazier spring. Our late March and into April has been back and forth between hot and cold. I think we’re finally leveling out which for our 3 year old Turtle means only one thing: popsicles. He doesn’t like cold hands though so Mommy had to get busy working on some popsicle holders. The first go around was laughable. I thought I could just make it up on my own. It really didn’t turn out bad but I should’ve measured a popsicle first.


The second try turned out much better because I just decided to try this pattern. I plan on making many more and this time I plan actually keeping up with how many rows I do and making it longer. Turtle liked it though and that’s what really matters.



5 thoughts on “Hot days, Cold treats

  1. Pop says:

    This is very creative! Wish I had one back in the day when I ate popsicles!

    Love you…your #1 fan….besides Todd…the kids…Mom…and, ..never mind it’s your Dad! Ha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tjj says:

    You are such a talented and creative woman. We have enjoyed watching your skills develop as you persist determined to overcome the obstacles in your path. We’re proud of you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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