Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered what strangers would say about you? Me either. Until recently. I attended a monthly meeting a couple weeks ago. It’s typically the same group of women and none of us know each other. You have the usual outgoing people which answer all the questions when asked by the guest speakers. Then you have people like me who like people like that because I can fade away into the background. I can be outgoing when I know people but its definitely outside my comfort zone. Anyways, there’s a reason I just described that.
So at this particular meeting the guest speaker alternately labeled us a #1 or #2. I was a #2. There were large sticky notes on the wall and all the #1’s had to stand at each one facing away from the paper. Those of us #2’s then had to write one positive thing for each #1. My first thought was a little shameful. I was embarrassed and I don’t know these people well enough. One lady had her 2 small children who were very much mama’s babies so I wrote “good mom.” And so it went on trying not to be too superficial with just physical appearance but really that’s all I had to go on.
Then the tables turned and the #1’s had to write about us #2’s. Now I was really embarrassed. Here’s what I saw written about me

I realized in that instant what the exercise was really about. It doesn’t really matter if someone knows you really well or not. It just plain feels good and uplifting when someone says positive things about you. Sure, I think I’m kinda funny but I wouldn’t have thought a stranger would say so. The one I really appreciated at this time of my life is crafty. Never in my life have I been described as crafty. I don’t even think of myself as crafty. Though I’m working on it. The point (at least for me) is this: If I want to be known for something (like crafty, funny, kind, etc) then I need to work on those attributes so everyone sees that in me. I always have room for improvement. Do you wonder now what strangers would say about you?


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