Life is like….

…a ball of yarn, of course. Bet you thought I was going to say chocolate. Yumm. Chocolate. Here’s how it goes, I see a nice yarn and think “hmm I think I like that color/feel. I can do something with that.” Years later, it’s still sitting there, just waiting for me to use my talent, and dare I say gift, to turn it into something amazing. So I finally decide what I want to use it for. I want to join my first Crochet-Along (CAL) (details here). FYI, a CAL is where a host, in this case Mooglyblog, gathers fellow crochet designers and every couple weeks one designer posts a square to make and at the end of the year you sew the squares together to make an afghan. Its a great yarn user which is what I was going for. Anyways,  I gather my yarn and hook and quickly realize I have one big tangled mess like this…

Well, like life, I tugged and pulled and untied knots. Finally, I got to the root of my yarn problem…

The photo doesn’t look like much but man that fuzzy thing was thick. Once I got that cut out it was easy peasy rice and cheesy from there. Finally I was able to start what was to be a beautiful and bright flame square . Here’s mine

I know it didn’t turn out completely horrible but definitely not the way it is supposed to. Isn’t life kinda like that? We think we’re going along just fine and it looks just fine to everyone else but on the inside we know we should be better. But how do we get better? Usually the answer is change. With my yarn project, how could I change it? I had to realize that maybe this project needed to be put on the back burner. No since forcing something that isn’t working and isn’t enjoyable, right? Isn’t that why we crochet? Because we enjoy it? In order to build my crochet confidence again I decided on an easy infinity scarf. That was a breeze. Then I had the idea to make a bracelet. It’s super easy. Then later the next day I decided to make a ring. The bracelet and ring are super easy and basic beginner projects. I’ll leave that for another post. Here’s the end results.

The point of my post is this: We sometimes have something we feel 100% sure about and we’re going to do it no matter what and then it doesn’t work out. Maybe that’s because we weren’t supposed to do it to begin with. We have to be open to the idea that maybe God had something better planned all along. See how life really can be like a ball of yarn?


2 thoughts on “Life is like….

  1. RJC says:

    Wow!!!! Very impressed! If you are doing this you can do the pattern I sent you…really.

    FYI, never could get into the squares….always hated the piecing/sewing together! Love the color straiations of your pattern


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