And then there was umm..49?

I needed a new crochet project so I looked through my Ravelry queue. Wow I need to get working on that. It’s out of control. I decided on making a phone case for my new Microsoft Lumia 640XL. Most of what I find is for IPhone’s or Samsung Galaxy but I thought I would just make something and see if it fits my phone. If it didn’t fit, I could always sell it. No harm in trying. And at completion it would bring my Ravelry queue down to 49. Hey, that’s improvement, right? Please tell me it is. Most of what I was able to find was basically just cozies. That was what the pattern on my Ravelry queue was too. So I set out to find a closer fit to what I wanted. While researching, I found myself back at Crochet Spot and found their enchanting phone cover. A fitted phone case with the camera hole and charger hole and ear jack hole..oh my!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to find a pattern with the holes. Well, I was pretty darn excited. I was having a difficult time once I got to the part that forms it to where it was fitted. So back online I went to find how to make the sides where I found this smartphone case. Basically I combined the 2 patterns. I think it turned out pretty good but I’m going to make one for my husband next so I’ll be able to work out the kinks at that time. Sorry the photos aren’t very good. The last photo is me showing where the ear jack hole is. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend.




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